A Studio City fiery car crash claimed the lives of Pasha Voldokovich, Jason Shmelnik and Ekatrina Botvinieva.

The auto accident in Los Angeles County occurred in the early hours of Sept. 9th off Ventura Boulevard just west of Tejunga Ave.

The three were said to be celebrating a birthday celebration at a nearby restaurant and bar. Ekatrina Botvinieva had flown in from New York specifically for the occasion.

At around 3:30 a.m, the group decided to move the party over to the drivers home nearby when the accident occurred. The 25 year-old Voldokovich was reportedly driving up to 100 mph as he crashed into several parking meters, trees, and ultimately a pizzeria where flames quickly engulfed the vehicle and restaurant.

Friends and witnesses say  the driver had consumed alcohol that night, but the investigation is still pending as to whether this played a role in the accident.

Jason Shmelnik will be remembered by family and friends for his love of dancing and a 2007 appearance on Dancing With the Stars.